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11 July 2010 @ 02:32 pm
chef's kiss episode 7  
after switch patner, kevin with kiseop, eli with soohyun, and xander dongho kibum (and yes still AL.KI.DONG group)
dis episode battle is duck, :D and again ... :D group with kibum on it LOSE XDDDDD they called it kibum aura *poor beommie* and poor xander should drink the punishment :D *hoekk*

lately kiseop image about his handsomeness, his uhljjang, his cool image, his gackt look alike, GONE~!!!!
he is crazy xD like random stuff, random dance, random scream, random anything, omg kiseobie xD

random scream like dis xD

random move like dis
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but the good thing bout kiseop are ..
dongho said kiseop is the nicest hyung
and xander said that kiseop never talks backs
good boy ! xD
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luks yummmyy ~~~~

then kiseop ask eli for join the chef team xD
but after that they choose randomly by their namtag by kevin & kiseop
and guess what? its ELI XD!!
eli must be sad cos he loves girls esp nuna
and coz kevin choosed his nametag,
he should help chef team on the kitchen xD

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my crybaby eli <3 xD

even kiseop jealous with kevin help eli
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LOL <33

ksdfjaljsfklajlgjal;sjga xD
after that, scary place part,
i cant wait to see kiseop and kevin xD
esp kiseop ROOOOOFL

new alkidong group lose again xD
so they started first

i LOVE dis episode xDDDDDD