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01 July 2010 @ 10:59 pm
eli @ pops in seoul 2010.06.30  

he luks tired but still ....  SUPER HANDSOME XDDD

the guest is Lee Jung Hyun (i dont like her btw LOL)

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lol @ the challenge xD they have to cut chopstick, ice cream, and apple in a half
accurately xDDDD
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ice cream

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eli yoooooooouuuuu are SOOOOOO COOOLL XD
and the punishment is ... xD hitting the losers with hammer toy

then xander ahjuma is like busy with his phone xD
and kevin "who said u can put ur handphone in the studio"
xander "its off so what??" xD LOL
*eli still holding the hammer*

and then eli hit xander twice cos he bring his phone to studio xD
after that he pull out his iphone and 'hellow' xD LOL

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one of the best scene when kevin  say 'wo ai ni' xDD

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and of coure my boy winnn !!! XD
and his respond is only "i know ~~~" xDDD

and the game penalty ..... xD
i saw eli said 'sorry kevin' xD so CUTEEEE

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poor keviiinn ><;;

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lol i love when xander say 'NNOOOOOOO AWW'  *in chipmunk version xDD

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and the happy boy xD

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'thank u all so much for loving eli'
"cos eli is the best"

he luks tired rite?? T_____T

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874 ! i love u xD