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01 May 2018 @ 07:05 pm

♥ i hate random adding :)
♥ if u reply here, i'll add u back xD

♥ PANDA .desu
♥ Interior Designer

♥ i like both Jpop & Kpop :)
♥ Multi Multi Multi Multi Fandom
♥  Fangirling since 2000

♥ i love JE : KAT-TUN // Kanjani8 // Johnnys WEST (actually JE in general xD)
♥ AKB48 / SKE48 / NMB48 / HKT48 / NGT48 / JKT48 / SNH48 (48 Group in General)
♥  Hello!Project in General !!!
♥  AAA / w-inds. / JUJUさん / Nishino Kanaさん
♥  Kiriyama Renn ♥  Saito Takumi ♥ Araki Hirofumi
♥  Miura Haruma

lots .. haha ..

Currently IN LOVE with

♥  Sandaime J Soul Brothers (Yamashita Kenjiro)
♥  E-GIRLS / DREAM / FLOWER / Happiness
♥  Doberman Infinity

Maybe, i'm not writing any update again, lots of work to do ..
gomen ..
but i'm still using this account for fandoming.

thank you~
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03 April 2011 @ 08:18 pm

thanks for buying my babies :) please take care of them :)

and could you leave a testimonials for me?

^ ^ thankkkkkks :)

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16 September 2010 @ 09:50 am

tomochin's stuffs :D i love the bling2 :D
got it from recohits :D
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newton class + CLAP perf (tvN Newton 2010.08.16)

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joey teaching 'CRAB' dance :3
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r i c k i t t y :3
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b'joe with chunji <3 @junhyungbaby @7u7u

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tintab baksu ~

click to zoom
dis is my fave part :3 wooohoooo

here here here ~Collapse )

read dis :
- i dont like ppl repost my stuff, stealing my link, etc
- i dont like ppl just take the link and then go - -; comment please.
- i dont like other ppl like my rickitty. HAHAHAHAH xD
he is mine

have twitter? follow me
- panda860206 -
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r i c k y <3

Music Core 2010.07.17
size : 357mb
link : h^^p://www.megaupload.com/?d=3Y5SHQ71

credit : kpf

hotlink is a no no~
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11 July 2010 @ 02:32 pm
after switch patner, kevin with kiseop, eli with soohyun, and xander dongho kibum (and yes still AL.KI.DONG group)
dis episode battle is duck, :D and again ... :D group with kibum on it LOSE XDDDDD they called it kibum aura *poor beommie* and poor xander should drink the punishment :D *hoekk*

lately kiseop image about his handsomeness, his uhljjang, his cool image, his gackt look alike, GONE~!!!!
he is crazy xD like random stuff, random dance, random scream, random anything, omg kiseobie xD

random scream like dis xD

random move like dis
click to zoom

but the good thing bout kiseop are ..
dongho said kiseop is the nicest hyung
and xander said that kiseop never talks backs
good boy ! xD
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luks yummmyy ~~~~

then kiseop ask eli for join the chef team xD
but after that they choose randomly by their namtag by kevin & kiseop
and guess what? its ELI XD!!
eli must be sad cos he loves girls esp nuna
and coz kevin choosed his nametag,
he should help chef team on the kitchen xD

click to zoom
my crybaby eli <3 xD

even kiseop jealous with kevin help eli
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LOL <33

ksdfjaljsfklajlgjal;sjga xD
after that, scary place part,
i cant wait to see kiseop and kevin xD
esp kiseop ROOOOOFL

new alkidong group lose again xD
so they started first

i LOVE dis episode xDDDDDD
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05 July 2010 @ 07:44 pm
oh my deaaaaaaaaaaaar
i hope its temporary ~~~~
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04 July 2010 @ 01:19 pm
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loooo dongho <3333333
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01 July 2010 @ 10:59 pm

he luks tired but still ....  SUPER HANDSOME XDDD

the guest is Lee Jung Hyun (i dont like her btw LOL)

click to zoom

lol @ the challenge xD they have to cut chopstick, ice cream, and apple in a half
accurately xDDDD
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click to zoom
ice cream

click to zoom

eli yoooooooouuuuu are SOOOOOO COOOLL XD
and the punishment is ... xD hitting the losers with hammer toy

then xander ahjuma is like busy with his phone xD
and kevin "who said u can put ur handphone in the studio"
xander "its off so what??" xD LOL
*eli still holding the hammer*

and then eli hit xander twice cos he bring his phone to studio xD
after that he pull out his iphone and 'hellow' xD LOL

click to zoom
one of the best scene when kevin  say 'wo ai ni' xDD

click to zoom
and of coure my boy winnn !!! XD
and his respond is only "i know ~~~" xDDD

and the game penalty ..... xD
i saw eli said 'sorry kevin' xD so CUTEEEE

click to zoom
poor keviiinn ><;;

click to zoom
lol i love when xander say 'NNOOOOOOO AWW'  *in chipmunk version xDD

click to zoom
and the happy boy xD

click to zoom
'thank u all so much for loving eli'
"cos eli is the best"

he luks tired rite?? T_____T

click to zoom

874 ! i love u xD
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31 May 2010 @ 12:38 am
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awwwwwwh so good :)
i love dis song
and their outfits ^^

mame chan looks good in short hair ^^
she luks fresh :) love it
and I LOVE reina's hairrrr :)

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